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We started in 2018 with the purchase of our estate vineyard Hacienda Sequoia and grew with the subsequent purchase of the Brutocao tasting room in Anderson Valley to become the Brashley Vineyards tasting room which also includes the 8 acre Bevel vineyard.  

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Our single-vineyard estate wines are organicallly farmed.  Winemaker, Ashley Holland is driving a move to no-till farming and by building thatch and organic matter under the vines we strive for water-holding capacity and resilient soils. The two-acre vineyard, Hacienda Sequoia, in the Deep End of Anderson Valley is dry-farmed and hand-tended. Bevel Vineyard is sandy-loam and moon dusty, located adjacent to the famous Savoy Vineyard it is managed by Greg Ardzrooni of Atlas Vineyards  Ashley Holland was hired to handle the Finger Lakes NY Riesling project but through friendship and coming together on their goals, Ashley H. now guides the full Brashley wine program. @slowwineusa

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Ashley Palm
October 30, 2021 | Ashley Palm

2021 Harvest Season In the Rear View

Hello! It's October 30th and it's about time for the Brashley Vineyards tasting room to O-P-E-N.

Seems getting back to "normal" might mean different things to people but we are seeing some semblance of sanity. We've had a total of 5 harvests! The 4 harvests in California gave us 14 tons of Pinot Noir grapes.  We recently finished our first ever East coast harvest Oct 15th for our dry Riesling project. Whoot!!

The Brashley 2021 Finger Lakes Riesling is the newest addition to our label reflecting our original upstate NY roots. The Brashley 2021 Finger Lakes Riesling will be our signature dry Alsatian wine and we are excited for this vintage release in late 2022. We are expecting 150 cases for 2021. The rains have dampened harvest, literally, and created some unfortunate pests that typically plague the East coast under these conditions. Ironically, the opposite conditions on the West coast where the rainy season seemed like it would never come. There is so much variation from year to year and vineyard to vineyard, it's farming!  All this unforeseen and challenge bring with it those who contend with these conditions to bring to the wine lovers everywhere a wonderful light compelling drink with lively acid and special color. 

The 2021 Brashley Vineyard Harvest is done, final, complete! Now we can breath a small sigh of relief for the vines that work so hard through diversity and still can give us a wonderful final product that brings together the passion for growing, making and drinking these wines. Cheers! 

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